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Shenzhen Professional Security Technology Co., Limited

Shenzhen Professional Security Technology Company located in Shenzhen China. It’s a large-scale professional manufacturer integrated with R&D, manufacturing, developing, marketing and after-sales service for over 1000 kinds of security products such as home alarm system, car alarm system, GPS trackers, CCTV surveillance system and video door phone etc. All the products manufactured and sold by PST are approved and certificated by FCC, CCC, CE, UL and RoHS compliance etc. Because of advanced development equipments and inspection equipments as well as fruitful technical support, effective production line, good workmanship and quality control system and the Joint effort from all the staffs and workers, PST has being one of the most professional and Influential security products’ leading manufacturers in domestic and abroad.
With more than ten years experience in this line, 90% products of us sold to over 100 countries; So far we already successfully developed more than 40 OEM services to PST customers. We are sure we will be your most credited supplier of security products in China. Our products are widely applicable for houses, enterprises, banks, schools, Residential district, supermarkets, hospitals, libraries, parking lots, hotels, Recreation area and cars etc different areas. Warm welcome your join to us. We are here just for you!
Products :
無線家庭報警器,GSM報警短信,自動撥號家用報警器,防盜報警器,報警主機,保障安全的產品。煙霧報警器,家用報警器廠在深圳中國,家庭報警器廠家,防盜報警器,個人報警器,門磁,報警船,OEM報警器,氣體探測器​​,火災報警,滅火,遙控器,紅外感應​​器,警報器,安全,自我保護,短信提醒,保鏢,保護人身安​​全,自衛,防彈,道路安全,應急服務,安全項目,救生,無線感應器,緊急按鈕,一氧化碳探測器,無線信號中繼器,放大器,水警,圍欄報警,報警工廠,中國報警。聲音探測器,太陽能報警。游泳池報警,訪客磬報警,門禁報警。汽車防盜器廠,汽車防盜器製造商出口商在深圳中國,汽車防盜器,汽車倒車雷達,自動撥號汽車報警器,單向汽車防盜器,震撼傳感器,GSM汽車防盜器,汽車防盜器,窗口密切,GPS跟踪,GPS車輛跟踪系統,汽車跟踪系統,汽車跟踪解決方案,GSM和GPS追踪器,車輛報警,定位跟踪器,導航,電單車報警器,汽車真正視攝像頭,GPS和GSM汽車報警器,窗口密切。照相機,閉路電視,監控設備,安全,CCD攝像頭,球型攝像機,IP攝像機,紅外攝像機,一體化攝像機,防水攝像機,間諜攝像機,隱藏攝像機,硬盤錄像機,無線攝像機,無線監控閉路電視攝像機,無線安全,無線閉路電視,迷你DVR攝像頭,移動偵測,高速球型攝像機,紅外攝像頭,四核處理器,獨立 DVR,PC DVR,無線硬盤錄像機,攝像機支架,雲台,CCTV攝像頭,BNC連接器,鏡頭,水下攝像機,微型攝像機,子彈頭,LC​​D電視監控,飛碟攝像機,CCTV中國,家庭中央電視台,液晶電視顯示器。CCTV攝像機廠,CCTV攝像機出口商和製造商在中國深圳,TFT無線嬰兒監視器,紅外防水監控攝像機,針孔攝像頭隱藏的工具包,IP攝像機,PTZ球型攝像機,飛碟攝像機,可視對講電話供應商和出口商在中國深圳,訪問控制,對講系統,門禁電話,門鈴,門接入,家庭准入制度。中央鎖,視頻放大器,解碼器,門站,室內電話,靜音鎖,電鎖,穩定型可視門鈴














AVL Vehicle GPS Tracker System with Cut off the oil and power function -
AVL Vehicle GPS Tracker System with Cut off the oil and power function, GPS tracker, vehicle GPS tracker, GPS vehicle tracker, GPS device, GPS locator,Name: AVL Vehicle GPS Tracker System with Cut off the oil and power function Model: PST-AVL01 Standard package includes: one GPS tracker with battery, one GSM antenna, one GPS antenna, one cable, one CD. PST-AVL01 has the following main functions and features:  SMS and GPRS TCP/UDP...
8 wireless zones auto dial home alarm system PST-TEL204 -
8 wireless zones auto dial home alarm system PST-TEL204, home alarm, wireless home alarm, burglarproof, intruder alarm, intrusion alarm, home safety,Name: 8 wireless zones auto dial home alarm system Model: PST-TEL204 Standard package includes:1 Main host, 1 Wireless infrared detector,1 Wireless door/window gap detector, 2 Remote controllers, 1 Power supply,1 Siren. Description: 1. Multi zone modes optional: close mode, delay...

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